Petris Dinnesh

Human artificer of House Cannith


Coming from a lesser family of House Cannith out of Cyre, Petris served as an apprentice beneath one of the great artificers of Sharn from the age of 12, but was considered too brash and excitable, and exhibited no Dragonmark. Since his youth he has been schooled in the classics and more practical skills such as alchemy and arcane smithing but a thirst for adventures and a habit of daydreaming has left him somewhat behind in his studies, as his master put it:
“He is forever to be found with his nose buried in some trashy adventure story rather than the prescribed texts, or watching the guard at practise. Not at all suitable for the great rigours of the mind demanded of any decent artificer of this great house!”

Since a mishap in the workshops in which Petris destroyed his master’s most prized experiment (a prototype arcane device allowing instant communication across vast distances), he has been all but expelled from the workshops of House Cannith.

Since that time he has found himself with something of a doubtful future within House Cannith, but has pushed to be allowed to pursue what he considers his true calling, that of a gallant adventurer! He has received the best martial training the House guard can offer and his natural ability to think fast has allowed him to rise through the ranks and gained him the respect of his men at arms. Though he is well aware of the House’s plans to push him into a career as an officer of the Sharn City guard (a position which would give the house yet more leverage), his own plans are focussed further afield..

At the time of the Day of Mourning, Petris’ entire family was in Cyre; both parents and 2 younger sisters he had not seen in 6 years. Despite all the evidence against it, Petris whole-heartedly believes his family to be alive, and fosters an ambition to one-day return to Cyre and search for his loved ones.

Petris Dinnesh

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