Eberron: The Survivors of Saerun Road

The Day of Mourning
Death of a Nation

20th Olarune, 998YK
In the closing days of the last war, the armies of Thrane, Breland and Aundair clashed with the defender of Cyre on it’s western border.

Five strangers met that day at a ruined Tower overlooking the battle.

Akta, a wandering Tiefling warlock, drawn by the spectale of the great conflict below.
Larksong, a pixie mage returning to the fey realm of Thelanis who had been trapped by the sinister creatures lurking within.
Kresh’kar, a Dragonborn warrior, far from his home in the jungles of Q’barra, serving as a mercenary on the Cyran side, he had volunteered to scout the tower as a possible vantage point for arcane artillery.
Kuvak Darkcrow d’Tharashk, a dragonmarked heir of the House of Finding, one of a team of half a dozen people, including his sister Lilia, who were searching for a Prophecy Mark which seers had predicted would manifest in the area.
Orem Bladesong, an Eladrin mercenary, leading a unit on the Brelish side, was asked to rescue a Brelish Noblewoman and her Aide from the tower.

Upon meeting outside the tower, the strangers were initially wary, but formed an impromptu alliance when attacked by burrowing Kruthiks and grotesque Dolgrims who were guarding the tower.

After defeating the monsters, the group found three captives in the tower.
-Lady Bren ir’Gadden, a half-elf Brelish noblewoman
-Aric Blacktree, her human aide
-Larksong, who had been trapped in a pot by the monsters.

Aric had been bound and placed on the prophecy mark by the Dolgrims, which seemed to fill the mind with a whirl of visions and images from future and past.

Kuvak, completing his mission, placed a specially prepared Siberys dragonshard on the prophecy mark, capturing it’s image and the prophecy it had to impart, speaking clearly into the minds of all assembled.

Five at the brink of desolation stand as one against the tempest’s roar.
The group rested, but their respite was cut short by the arrival of soldiers and zombies belonging to the Karrnathi terrorist group known as The Order of The Emerald Claw, lead by the necromancer Mallora.

As our heroes fought their foes, the skies to the east lit with orange fire and a great cloud of dead grey mist rolled across the land amids screams and flashes of lightning.

As the Emerald Claw soldiers were defeated, Mallora escaped with a devious trick, and the party were left to look out at the great wall of dead grey mist which enveloped the whole horizon to the east, stopping only a few hundred feet away from their location.

That day would go down in history as The Day of Mourning, when Cyre was obliterated by a terrible and mysterious disaster…

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